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Why use Sap Erp system? What is SAP and R3
SAP is a software company based in Almany. It was founded in 1972 by former IBM employees and is named Systemanalyse und Programmungungung (German) by Systems Analysis and Program Development. We can summarize system analysis in institutions and program development according to the result of this analysis. SAP is an ERP. SAP is an ERP dir, but not every ERP is a SAP. Today, there are many different ERP applications. However, we can say that SAP is the best known of them. Now let's open a little more.
Why SAP?
SAP has produced thousands of solutions in hundreds of different issues in different companies over the years, and these solutions have added their own knowhow and can provide solutions for almost every sector. So how does this solution. From SAP logistics to warehouse management to point-to-point warehouse management, SAP has succeeded in transferring many of them to the modular system, successfully linking them to each other. At the same time, thanks to the accumulation of knowledge, it is possible to answer questions such as how to collect and how to calculate when these transactions are performed. A pool containing almost all of them has been created and users have been able to offer solutions from this pool according to their needs.
Let's talk briefly about the most familiar SAP modules.
  • SAP FI: Financial Accounting
  • SAP CO: Controlling
  • SAP MM: Material Management
  • SAP SD: Sales and Distribution
  • SAP WM: Warehouse Management
  • SAP TR: Treasury (Treasury)
  • SAP PP: Product Planning
  • SAP PM: Plant Maintenance
  • SAP HR: Human Resources
What is R3?
R3 is the core version number that the system gets from the 3 generation version and the new system name is indicated by r3 number because the major changes are made after r2. that is, the number of the R3 main system in the handle system. This is quite normal because in this main system the new versions will be removed due to very serious obligations which will affect the entire system.


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