The SAP Quality Management (QM) module enables businesses to run all processes at high quality. The SAP QM module integrates with procurement, sales and production processes. Main processes such as goods entry, goods issue, pre-production, production process and post-production are controlled by SAP QM module. Thanks to its wide range of functions, the quality management module can perform all quality processes in detail.
With SAP Quality Management (QM), official documents and internal control documents are maintained and monitored within the system. Basic quality control statistics, customer complaints, certifications, inspection activities, in-production faults and future faults that are presented in the reports are avoided.
SAP QM Module Functions
  • The basic functions of the quality management module used in the management of goods entry, goods issue and quality control in production can be categorized as follows:
  • Basic Quality Control Data
  • Quality Control in Purchasing
  • Sample Controls
  • In-process Quality Control
  • Quality Control in Fason Manufacturing
  • Quality Control at the End of Production (Final)
  • Quality Control in Shipment
  • Quality Control in Exposures
  • Certificate Controls
  • Serial production controls
  • Controls of Calibration
  • Repeated Controls (Shelf Life Materials)
  • Stability Studies
  • Other Controls
  • Statistical Quality Control (SPC), Diagrams-Control Charts
  • Audit Management
Within SAP, quality is not just about control definitions. Apart from these, some of the documents that are followed in the quality management system can be managed by the SAP's QM module via quality notifications.


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